At Agape Acres, you have the choice of having your dog play in a group with other visiting dogs, or independent play in an individual play yard.

Group Play

After working with dogs for many years and being around dogs on a daily basis I have come to believe that dogs can be as unpredictable as a group of children playing on a playground. Feelings get hurt, attitudes develop, and boundaries can be crossed. So you must choose: “Do I want my dog to play in a group or do I opt for individual play time.”  If you choose group play and an injury occurs, you, as the owner, take on a certain amount of liability.

We at Agape Acres are going to do everything possible to make certain that your dog is grouped according to temperament, not necessarily size or breed, into the right group for a time of fun, safe, interactive play. Whether it be playing fetch, “tag you’re it”, “king of the mountain”, treeing a squirrel, or just enjoying all the smells, your dog will spend a fun-filled day in one of our 4 play yards. Playtime will be closely monitored.

If any dog shows aggression, he/she will be removed from the group and will have only individual playtime for the remainder of their visit with us. If a dog in group play sustains an injury, you will be notified immediately, regardless of the severity. Please remember that not all injuries can be immediately detected.

Individual Play

If you do not want to take a chance on an injury occurring, or if you know that your dog’s temperament would not be a good mix for group play, you have the option of choosing individual play time for your dog.  Keep in mind that individual play will not be as long as group play. The amount of time for either will depend upon the total number of dogs visiting our kennel.

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