Boarding at Agape Acres can be for a day, a weekend, a week, or even an extended stay of several months. We are here to accommodate your needs.

Indoor Kennels

We offer indoor boarding which consists of 5×10 kennels for large dogs or multiple dogs from the same family or 5×5 kennels for small dogs. Our indoor building is heated during the winter time by wall heaters and free standing heaters throughout the building. It is kept cool in the summer by a “swamp cooler” system.
Outdoor Kennels

We also offer outdoor kennels which are 5×10 and 10×10 in size. These sit on a concrete slab, are covered, and include a dog house. Shade is provided by large pecan trees, plus plenty of ventilation and fresh air!

We offer blankets for each kennel, but you are welcome to bring bedding from home if you prefer. Please keep in mind that it may not be returned in the same condition as when it arrives.

Play Time
All dogs are kenneled at night. During the day, we offer group play or individual play, depending upon the owner’s request and the dog’s temperament.

What to Expect When Your Dog Gets Home
Rest assured that your dog got lots of exercise and lots of tender loving care. In addition, he/she probably got very dirty. You may want to bring a towel for the ride home. Once you get home, don’t be surprised if your precious canine just wants to rest and snooze for awhile.